Moshe Reuven is a Jewish-American Billboard Charting Hip Hop Artist from Sunny South Florida.

As a young teen, music became the pen through which Moshe would express his soul. Instead of a diary, he had notepads, myriads of songs saved in a phone, freestyle sessions recounting life's latest news, and text messages being circled around his network of friends in South Florida.

What started off as a form of self expression, kept off and enjoyed by a small circle of friends, aquaintences, and day one fans, blossomed into a full fledged music career. He went from rapping at self thrown emptied out swimming pool parties, to sharing his song to thousands on a stages graced by Drake, Michael Jackson and the like. From walking to class while writing songs in his head, to writing songs with Bob Marley's Grammy Nominated son, Julian.

What started off local, grew into an international sensation, with hits streamed by millions of people.

He thought as a teen, he may lose his chance at life at 16, and woke up purpose driven and focused to take his talents and make the world a better place with them.